Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm still playing around with books that might inspire and instruct me as I create my own studio plans.
Both of these books are by the same author so it’s no surprise they feel very similar. WWC was a
major turnoff at first because so many of the studio spaces were cluttered beyond what my eyes could
tolerate. Granted, they were organized, colorful clutter, but the spaces were way too busy for my taste. After giving the book a second and then a third look, though, I began to find ideas that were appealing and even useful. Also, most of the women creators in these places create fussy cluttery crafts. Lots of scrapbooking/collage/stamping/found object crafts. Eventually I did find a few calm looking spaces that were not barren in their sleekness.

OYCS is a little more of a how to book, with some cute quizzes that, if you are a quiz sucker
like me, make for a little diversion in your reading. Lots of this information is No Duh info – I
expected that, mind. I’ve done my share of organizing and grouping and focus seeking so I didn’t feel
cheated of time for having read this book – or the previous. And I am going to buy those peel & stick
furniture pieces and get the grid paper because what I want to create will serve at least as a triple
purpose room. Besides, they look like paper doll furniture to me!

I’ve ordered in a half dozen more books on creating a home office and storage that works and such
because I don’t feel fully inspired, I'm not sure I've covered every base and besides, these books
are fun to look through. I think, though, I must set myself a deadline for starting the actual drawings
and another for completing that stage and entering into Royal Negotiations with the
Other Person who has a right to his opinion about project.

But because this is a Project which I hope to complete with Great Success, I'm also reading this.

Not that I haven't probably read all the information before either, but because sometimes I need to
hear it twice, or thrice, or quitillionice times before I remember to actually do some of those
things that I already knew were good ideas. And it's also what I'm in the mood for.

And because I haven't found another good book to thrill me lately.