Friday, September 15, 2006

Like all self help books, it could have been a pamphlet, but then they couldn't have charged $19.95 for it. This was a book L had been urging me to read for a long time. I understood the concept behind it, but I'd never gotten down into the text of it before. How glad I am I did. I'm having so much fun tapping into my own power. It's a great way to focus your life, to be aware of all that is around you, so that when opportunities present themselves, which they do all the time, you immediately recognize them and act upon them - so swiftly it feels like magic!

As literature it doesn't rate more than 3 stars, but its useful nuggets make it a 5.

Still trying to get there from here. “Get where?” you ask. Oh - someplace even better than here. Someplace where the heart is singing all the time. Someplace where the intuition gets listened to when it tosses out a warning. Someplace where joy spreads out
and makes a difference. Where I spread the type of joy that makes a difference. To that place where I don’t borrow anxiety and use it to ruin perfectly splendid situations. To that place where diatribes don’t spew out of my gut about stuff that .... once
unloaded ... didn’t really matter that much to me in the first place. I want to let go of the control freak crap that whips me for living. I want to appreciate more the things I already love and let go of the stuff I hate. Nobody but me is making me pick it up in the first place. It’s going to take me to put it down.

I didn’t finish the Wayne Dyer book so I can’t really give it a rating. It’s not bad, but it wasn’t what I am looking for right now. It was too wordy and too explainey and too much background and what I’m looking for are practical steps that still enfold the spiritual underpinnings but that are fun and doable. Lynn Grabhorn, of the Excuse Me book, has a workbook too - which I purchased, used, at a good price, off of But I believe I’m going to have more fun with the Hicks book - it’s a little more positive.

When I get a chance to do it justice, I’ll do a complete comparative review of both books here.

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