Thursday, November 01, 2007

What can I say. I already knew most of the tale and I already loved Laurie's writing. It's fun to get some of the earlier details, even
if she may have shaped them a bit to make the story fit nice and tightly. Or to protect the innocent.

I've already reccommended this tale of divorce, loss, discovery and recovery to several folk. The library copy hasn't been on the shelf
yet! I may need to order a second one.

Great job, Crazy Aunt Purl!

I couldn't even finish it. Even though I have to lead a book club discussion on it tomorrow. I just couldn't take
any more depressing dank Southern decay. I pumped my cousin who did read it and loved it, to find out if
the result of the heroine's sojourn into ClampODeath Christianity turned out okay or if it just got creepier. BH assures me it's
okay. The ending was pretty creepy though. I did read that part. Ugh. I would NOT have read this if I had not HAD to.

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